Join David & Rich for their weekly podcast about board games, role-playing games and gaming conventions!



Host, producer & teller of stories

David has been a sci-fi nerd since his mom showed him Star Trek at the age of six. Love of movies, books, and anime quickly brought him to game shops. Remember when you could buy anime, comics, and MtG cards all in the same store? That's how it happens. Magic lead to AD&D then enter the angsty teen years where he couldn't get enough White Wolf RPGs and Warhammer 40k. Something about the hopeless struggle made for a fun time.

Board games came later with Kingmaker, Settlers of Catan, and whatever David's friends would bring to gaming weekend to play between RPGs. 

His favorite thing to do now is play board games and RPGs with the HSG community, either at conventions or remotely. 



The Co-Host with the Most

Rich has been trying to TPK groups since the ‘80s. Little did he know the journey he was starting when he found the Red Box edition while in middle school. A lover of playing Bards in all role playing systems (yes even in Eclipse Phase) Rich has a flair for ruining the game for everyone.

Rich has taken his love of board games from the early Milton Bradley games to obsessively making everyone play Doctor Who, Firefly and D&D board games any time he has a chance. We can sometimes get him admit he likes other games that require worker placement or cooperative game play to win against the game (he loves to lose at Pandemic).

If you ever see him at a con be sure to have a beer with him so he can tell you about his 15th level druid paladin!