3D Printing Part 2: Tools & Accessories

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Rich and David return to 3D printing to talk more in depth about all the things around the printer that can help. Some things you can make yourself with your own printer, others still need to be purchased, or a combination of the two. This hobby can go deeper than we describe in the episode, but if you're exploring the idea of a printer or are struggling to get it really cooking - this episode will give you an idea of what kind of tools you should have around to be successful.

Here is the incredible calibration guide. it is extensive and should not be used Day 1. Open this sucker up after you've had some fun and want to get really serious about perfect printing.

Here's a link to the horribly offensive court transcript animated by the Rick and Morty crew (NSFW).

Other resources:



3D Printed Tabletop - YouTube channel