Gen Con 2018 Highlights

GenCon Recap.jpg



Rich and I recap our best GenCon yet! We played several great games but, more importantly, had a ton of great moments with other creators, fans of the show, and some special celebrity interactions that really couldn't happen anywhere else but GenCon.

What we got up to 

  • D&D 1st Edition

  • Fireball Island

  • Super Robo Rally!

  • Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition (beta testing)

  • Rising Sun

  • True Dungeon N2 & N3

  • We met Joe Manganiello

  • And Met Mike, Lisa, and Cody Pondsmith (of Cyberpunk 2020/Witcher RPG Fame)

  • And of course an excellent Gen Con Meetup with the High shelf gaming family

Special thanks to Amy and Paul for taking such great care of the HSG family, you rock! Hugo and Fernando for finding us and spending so much time talking games with us at the show. And of course Dicks Last Resort for providing us with tons of giveaways and gift-cards for our fans and the GenCon community at large!

GenConAmy Nelson