GenCon Survival Series - Part 6: New Attendee Impressions & Lessons Learned

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This one is special. Heather (AKA ) returns with a friend from the Critical Role community, Conner (AKA @Cybrwulf1201) joins us to talk all about their first time at Gen Con. We cover everything from the many live shows and panels they got up to, lessons learned, and some great laughs as Rich and I are exposed to a completely different side of the show from anything we've ever seen. 

Huge shout out to the amazing and wonderful Critical Role show and their community (critters as they like to be called), to Dungeon Master - Interactive Stage Show (@DungeonMasterLA), Library Bards (@LibraryBards@bonniebellg@xanderrific), @theanimegoddess, Maze Arcana with @satinephoenix@mazearcana, Dread game system (@hydra_lord)  

And lastly, two amazing artists who really took great care of @kratrina (Heather) @crystalsully  @kristinacarroll