Guide to True Dungeon Tokens

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Larry comes back to tell Rich and me all about True Dungeon tokens! These little plastic tokens will make or break high-end dungeon run through this incredible game. There are so many tips Larry shares with us, including: buying, trading, and selling tokens; most common types like trade tokens, reserve, monster bits, transmuted, legendaries and artifacts; and, of course, tips on how to transport these very expensive and valuable items.

We also discuss True Dungeon news and correct some errors from our first episode about True Dungeon.

If you're new to TD, listen to our 3rd episode. It is all about True Dungeon, before diving into this guide. This guide is indented more for intermediate players or new players that are looking at their stack of tokens wondering what to do with them.

Our first episode about True Dungeon (start here if you're new):