Megagames at Gen Con 2019

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Mark joins us from the Shelfie community to talk about a truly unique gaming experience at Gen Con, Megagames! These are 50-70 person games that took place at Lucas Oil Stadium, on the field. They are asymmetric games. Lots of players are doing different things and their actions influence the game for other groups and individuals in the most engaging and fascinating way we've ever heard. Mark clearly loved it as he played and helped run several games this year. Impressive, given this was his first time at Gen Con and his first time playing a megagame. These tend to be longer games, at four hours or more, and run in the tens of dollars to play. But, to hear Mark tell it, they're also dynamic and interesting. Apparently, megagames are huge in Europe as well, so lots of opportunities to play these games.

Another great episode from our community!

If any other Shelfie ever wants to come on the show do what Mark just did. Find us on social media and tell us about and an awesome game you played!