Pathfinder 2e with Logan Bonner

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Logan Bonner from Paizo joins us to talk about the game, the book, the journey, and the lessons learned in the creation of Pathfinder Second Edition! We are so fortunate to have him on the show. Logan really let us look at how this project came together, dive into some of the thought processes behind 2nd Edition pathfinder, how it compares to other tabletop RPGs, and to first edition. Rich and Dave have enjoyed getting to beta test PF2e in past episodes but this really takes the cake.

Pathfinder Second Edition continues the theme of high fantasy, high action roleplaying they're known for, but with some seismic shifts to how the game delivers that style of play to players. Paizo has often focused on player choices and character customization, but in our reading of PF2e they've gone the extra step to make a system that is fundamentally customizable for the game master. Everywhere we looked we found rulesets we liked that could be easily transformed or dropped without breaking the rest of the game. Logan helps us navigate some of those waters. 

Great, enjoyable, and informative episode for folks who aren't already fully versed on all things Pathfinder and Paizo.