Samurai Drama Role-Playing Games: A Fantasy Alternative to European Games

Samurai Drama



This week we are joined by returning guests Rob Croy and Ben from The Table is Yours Podcast. They're here to talk about RPGs set in the east, Samurai Drama role-playing games specifically. We only had time for four games but it was a lot of fun.

We run the gamut from old-school 1e Dungeons and Dragons: 'Oriental Adventures, to Legend of the Five Rings (4th Edition by AEG), to Blood and Honor another John Wick game, and lastly the completely strange and unique Reflections which turns out to be a draw dropping game and concept. 

Don't have time to read all the little stories that come with your L5R LCG card packs?! TTIY has you covered with a new audio series. We're happy to broadcast that The Table is Yours is relaunching as an underground audiobook series of the new L5R fiction and literature published by Fantasy Flight.