The Witcher RPG: An Interview with Cody Pondsmith - Part 1

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We're joined by Cody Pondsmith from R. Talsorian games who just designed and published the tabletop RPG of The Witcher, based on the video game series by CD Projekt Red. The co-creative projects between these two companies have been a favorite topic around here at High Shelf Gaming. Getting to talk with Cody covering so much material has been a real treat for us.

This episode covers much of the genesis of the game, their process for putting it together and the depth that Lisa and Cody Pondsmith went through to get it right from a lore perspective. Impressive effort on their part. I don't think another studio would have contributed so much to the lore of another product in such a responsible way as they have. Already their product is credited with confirming several rumors about Witcher Schools other than the one which gave rise to Geralt. 

We don't talk about it in the episode but Cody and the rest of the development team have been doing an absolute ton of Q&A discussion with the community. Every week they post several Q&A threads detailing different aspects of the game and updating errata as necessary. 

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