White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade

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David has wanted to talk about this tabletop roleplaying game since day one of HSG. Finally, our friend Mike from Gen Con is free to revel in a shared love for White Wolf Entertainment, the World of Darkness, and Vampire: The Masquerade. Yes, David was once a little goth kid trying to figure things out. The products from White Wolf shaped his early role-playing experiences and shaped him into the kind of game master, dungeon master, and storyteller he is today. Mike similarly was brought up with White Wolf products and shares his passion for the franchise, and what it means to him to get to play this game.

We run through the Vampire editions, talk a bit about 5th edition Vampire, and the hunger dice mechanics. Mostly, we focus on the original Masquerade product, White Wolf's history and how it was run through the wringer at CCP Games. Its time at CCP set White Wolf up to struggle after its sale to Paradox Interactive, and how the creation of new White Wolf RPG content really falls to Modiphious.

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