RPG Storytelling Part 1: The Modern Campfire

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Rob, from The Table is Yours Podcast, returns to kick-off a new series of episodes we're very excited about. We'll be breaking down the components of storytelling in tabletop role-playing games. This episode starts broadly so we can dive into details later, but we focus on the nature of the conflict, the role of obstacles vs. conflicts, the role of rivals and enemies, and the nature of defeating an obstacle and winning a conflict. We provide some tips for GMs to help sow conflict into their worlds, with plenty of room to fill in details later. We also provide some thoughts on player responsibility at the table and how in an RPG everyone has a role to play. Everyone is a storyteller (managing the world or characters) and the audience. This feedback loop results is a fun game with an interesting and engaging collection of stories to share with one another. Above all, we emphasize the importance of being mindful about the choices DMs and players make to improve games for everyone.

This episode is a bit more in the vein of theory and topics than usual. Let us know what you think and what other topics in this series you'd like to hear about!